Dear guests and friends of Hotel Baltic,

Once again, Covid-19 has imposed tight restrictions on the hospitality industry.
The latest COVID19 restrictions, effective Monday, October 26, 2020, significantly change the framework conditions for our hotel and restaurant operations.
We do not feel that in these conditions we can deliver the experiences that we think and wish our guests deserve. With the prospect of a prolonged period of great uncertainty, we have therefore decided to shut down Hotel Baltic for the winter season from Sunday evening 1 November 2020.
It is regrettable for all of us that the development is moving in this direction, but at the same time we feel a great responsibility for both our guests’ experiences and the well-being of our employees and businesses. It’s been a difficult decision, but it feels right.
We are saddened by the inconvenience these changes will cause, but also hope for understanding.
Please contact our reception for further information.
Our reception is open for inquiries Monday – Friday from 10.00 – 14.00
by phone on +45 45 3842 5000 or mail