A culinary experience at Baltic is only achieved through the best ingredients in the hands of our skilled chefs. Some ingredients have grown in our own soil, others have been foraged in nature. The meat and poultry are delivered to us by small local farms. It is not important for us to have a specific “Danish” or “Nordic” signature, as long as we are local – and cook with flavor, love and honesty.


Mackerel with oyster emulsion, gooseberries, parsley and grilled cabbage

Dry aged beef tatar with sesame, thyme oil, sour cream and tomato

Courgettes with rosmary, sunflower seeds and poppy seeds

Roasted cod with pear and dill

Dry aged pork belly with black currant and beetroots

Ceps icecream with raspberry, whey, fermented honey and kelp

750 dkr. per person

Wine pairing
700 dkr. per person

Addition of cheese from the north with crispbread and pear puree
135 dkr. per person

Champagne & snacks
6 dishes
Wine pairing
Filtered water
Coffee & sweet

1650 dkr. per person